About Kristin


IMG_6390Kristin and her family have lived in the Rossborough neighborhood in southwest Fort Collins for 19 years. Kristin is a graduate of CSU, a mother of three and a long time leader in the Fort Collins volunteer community. Kristin has worked with our schools, city, and non-profits to improve the lives of families in Fort Collins.

Professionally, Kristin has extensive management experience in small and large retail business, with personal knowledge of meeting payrolls, controlling inventories, and the sales growth that it takes to create jobs. Her job and volunteer work today are focused on the administration of multi-million dollar budgets, and the accountability required in the successful application of those budgets. She knows what it takes to strengthen our economy and protect our quality of life.

Kristin and her family enjoy the Fort Collins Natural Areas near their southwest Fort Collins home, using the nearby trails for hiking and biking. They also do volunteer work as a family and have worked with many local non-profits including the Humane Society, Think Humanity and La Familia/The Family Center.

Professional & Business Experience

  • CSU, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, administration of National Science Foundation Grant funding, coordination for FEScUE Project, and the Graybill Conference
  • Executive Director, Youth Orchestra of the Rockies
  • Management experience in the Stone Lion, Barnes and Noble, and CSU Bookstores.

More than 10 years of leadership in Fort Collins

  • Mother Center of Fort Collins – member of steering committee, fundraising coordinator, budget, grant writing
  • City of Fort Collins Women’s commission – co-chair responsible for planning and accountability
  • Youth Orchestra of the Rockies – Executive Director
  • Director of Youth Ministries at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for 2 years
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Friendship Family – office of international family CSU
  • Larimer County Intergrated Family Enhancement Board
  • City of Fort Collins Community Development Block Grant Commission
  • 4-H organizational club leader
  • Management experience in local business
  • Assistant manager of local private sector books stores, including payroll, banking, inventory