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My name is Kristin Stephens and I want to thank you for visiting my campaign website.

I am running for Fort Collins City Council in District Four where I’ve lived for almost twenty years. District 4 lies in the southwestern corner of our city and is the gateway to the foothills and many of our city’s natural areas. It is a beautiful part of the city, but sometimes the people in my district feel disconnected from what happens in City Hall. I want to change that. I plan to bring collaborative and responsive leadership to the people of District 4 just as I have in all of my professional and non-profit leadership roles. When elected, I plan to hold regular listening sessions in our district, help bring more recreational opportunities to southern Fort Collins and strengthen and protect our neighborhoods.

I am committed to keeping Fort Collins one best places to live, work, raise a family, start a business and retire. Our council members should be working together to build a stronger economy, and a safe, healthy community.

I am running for Fort Collins City Council because your children and my children deserve council members that are willing to look for ways to improve their opportunities and their future. It will take hard work, cooperation and a fresh perspective.

In the next few months, I will be walking through District 4 meeting my neighbors and having meaningful conversations about issues that are important to our district and our city.

I would love to hear your ideas and concerns. Please feel free to call or email. Together we can keep Fort Collins great.


talking with martha & michael

Kristin speaking